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The Future of Agile in Africa & Middle East (MEA) Edition 1 (series4).

Sun, October 18, 2020 (6:45 pm - 12:00 am)Western African Time


The Future of Agile in Africa is the brainchild of Abiodun (Abby) Osoba. This event will be hosted by The Agile Advisor Africa. It will be a 4-part monthly interactive series. Some of the talking points in this series are:

The futuristic effect of small and big African businesses embracing the Agile mindset.

How Agile practices can be tailored to fit the uniqueness of African businesses and Africa as a whole.

The impact of African culture on the adoption of the Agile mindset and transforming.

The African mindset vs Agile Mindset: The culture of doing business in Africa.

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Sunday, October 18, 2020

6:45 pm - 12:00 am  Western African Time

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