Abia state in search of Mr and Miss OVI



We are not just looking for Beauty
We are not just looking for brains
We are set out to find a definitive figure that comprises of beauty, brains, morals, style and intelligence coated with creativity to stand as a brand for the this project.
We are looking for a real queen!
Brace up for the pageant of extreme values.
Mr and Miss OVI


We have a name
We have a brand,
We have a people,
We have a style,
We are looking for that male personality who can bring out the best ‘Made in Aba’ style, pattern or brand.
We in search of designers, fashion brands, ready to showcase that inherent creativity within,
We need a ‘Mr OVI who will style, tailor and produce a design of a lifetime and stand a s an ambassador for the many many creative exquisites of the Made in Aba trend.
We are Mr & Miss OVI…. Get ready

Contact Us : 09084055733 , mrandmissovi@gmail.com


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