9 Things To Know Before Meeting Your Event Planner


9 Things To Know Before Meeting Your Event Planner

You just got engaged–congratulations! But now what? First, take a deep breath, try to relax and enjoy this wonderful moment with your future husband! Marriage is an exciting life journey, but most people dread the wedding part. Yes, planning a wedding can be overwhelming. But you know what makes a huge difference? Hiring a wedding planner. Besides your mom, these experienced professionals offer the best wedding planning advice.

  • Date of the Event
    Weather, weekday versus weekend and time of year are just a few details that can impact your wedding date. You will want to pick a date that will work best for maximum attendance of your guests. An outdoor wedding and reception can be tricky as Mother Nature has a mind of her own! The first wedding tip is checking the weather almanac. It’s a great start to find out the history of weather on a particular date.
  • Budget
    Your event coordinator should be helping you with your wedding budget. You need to make sure you state your maximum per person and in return, they should respect your wishes. But ultimately, it is your job to keep an eye on what you’re spending overall. You should budget out all aspects of your wedding, from flowers to food, venue, entertainment, wedding party gifts, etc. Things can add up quickly, so keep track of what you’ve committed to spending.
  • Guest Count
    Have a basic idea of your guest count and realize it can and will fluctuate. Most venues have a minimum amount of food and beverage or guest counts required for their banquet space. Start compiling a list as soon as you get engaged.
  • Menu Ideas
    Perusing websites, bride magazines and other weddings you attend can give you an insight into what type of wedding food you would like served at your special event. Although most wedding venues have set menus, many chefs respond well to custom menus. Normally these have a slight surcharge attached to them, though.
  • Wedding Colors
    Do you know the Pantone color of the year? Or do you have a vision in your mind of your wedding and the colors you would like highlighted for your special day? Colors out of the norm will most likely have to be special ordered while popular and on-trend colors are almost always on hand at reputable venues, either through the venue itself or through their outside contractors.
  • Audio Visual and Entertainment
    Will you have a live band or a DJ? Will you be showing a wedding video? Do you want specialty lighting to ‘spot’ your table centerpieces? These are all questions you will be asked (and many more) by an experienced event planner. Try to think about your special day from start to finish and take notes to ask your event coordinator.
  • Involve the Groom
    Grooms should not be a guest at their own wedding. We see more and more grooms actively participating, checking off items on the wedding planning checklist. Let him express his opinions and listen to what he is saying as it is his day too.
  • Love Your Event Coordinator
    If you don’t feel a ‘connection’ to your event coordinator, don’t be afraid to request a different one. This is one of the most important days of your lives and you need to feel confidence and at ease with this person. A professional will understand if you just don’t click and won’t take it personal as they only want the best of feelings between you both.
  • Welcome Feedback
    Most importantly, be open to feedback and suggestions. Sometimes what you envisioned won’t fit your budget or your venue style, and your event planner will be ready to help you navigate that.For professional event planners , you can visit our page for Event Planners

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