2019 Lagos Cultural Carnival

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2019 Lagos Cultural Carnival

Lagos cultural carnival is scheduled to hold around May 2019. It is very colourful, memorable and highly attractive. As the most populated city in Western Nigeria, it always witnesses large turnout of spectators from Nigeria and Diaspora.

During this cultural carnival, there is largely an exposition of culture and tradition of Lagosians through dance, costumes with its remarkable body paints and colourful fashion, the participant’s parades through the streets amidst cheers and songs.

Traditional rulers of communities in Lagos and the traditional title holders dress in their traditional regalia to add colour to this memorable event.

Lagos cultural carnival is not restricted to Lagosians; it is open to others from various parts of the country and beyond who enjoys participating in a lively event of such magnitude. Historians and journalist utilise the opportunity to make documentaries of the cultural heritage of the people.

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